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Band of the Week...


this is the best photo of guster, ever. i went to great lengths to track this sucker down. you should be thanking me. (only joking...) l to r: adam, brian, ryan.

ryan miller...lead vocals & guitar
adam gardner...lead vocals & guitar
brian rosenworcel...percussion

Guster formed at Tufts University circa 1992 under the name Gus. They began demoing and released their first full-length, Parachute, in 1994. The following year, an artist by the name of Gus got a record deal, so the band was forced to change their name. According to a passage from the band's history (which I blatantly ripped off their site: "Resistance is futile. After a three-day brainstorming binge the band changes their name to "Guster" and vows to punish Gus if they ever meet him."
They released Goldfly in 1996, and then were signed to Sire Records in 1998. Guster recorded Lost And Gone Forever, toured, played on Conan O'Brien, toured with Barenaked Ladies, shot a video for Fa Fa, and also found time to tour. After they finished all this it was mid-2001, and the band then realized they had to get their arses in gear and get a new album going.
This may sound like the story of any band to you, but there is one spare detail that sets Los Gusteros apart from all the rest. Notice how it says 'percussion' next to Bri's name and not 'drums'? Brian plays a huge array of congas, bongos, the occasional typewriter, even cymbals...with his hands. Only on a very rare occasion will you see him pull out a drumstick. This has a huge effect on their sound as a whole.
To watch Guster play live is to be awed out of your mind. Adam and Ryan are blowing their lungs out and power-strumming their guitars, and Brian is in back, karate-chopping the daylights out of his impressive array of drums. This sort of power is reflected in their studio work, too. Ryan and Adam's vocals perfectly counteract one another, and all sorts of crazy instruments are chucked in liberally for good measure. Little wonder these guys have been forming a cult fan base since they first started out.
Tune in for the next Band Of The Week...THE ATARIS!

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