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Band of the Week...

...Phantom Planet

jacques est tres cool. et jason van der schvartzman ik der kickass. l to r: sam, jason, alex, darren, jacques.

alex greenwald...lead vocals & guitar
darren robinson...guitar
jacques brautbar...guitar & vocals
sam farrar...bass & vocals
jason schwartzman...drums

Phantom Planet formed in sunny LA countless years ago, when Jason started a band in junior high. Since then, they've released one full-length album (Phantom Planet Is Missing), and one album of b-sides that only their fan club (the lucky ducks) can get their hands on. They left Geffen Records for Epic in 2000, and recorded their album, which was going to be released in August 2001, until it was decided that they'd put it off until the year after.
You may recognize Alex from the 'Everybody In Cords/Leather/Vests' Gap ads (he sings a solo - big surprise there), and Jason played Max Fischer in Rushmore.
Phantom Planet have opened for Weezer and Sloan, so that gives you an idea of what they sound like - pop-rock. They've just delayed releasing their long-awaited new album and are driving all their fans up the wall. Until then, listen to Phantom Planet Is Missing and enjoy.
Tune in for the next Band Of The Week...GUSTER!

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