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desaparecidos // photos by mr. jared grabb. is this really WORTH...IT??!?!

welcome to the unofficial home of all things geeky, and rockish.

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the summer camp counsellor quiz

sign the book or i kill your family!

Rubber Balls & Liquor: the Steven Page fanlisting brian bell is pure style. ah, jason, thou art a prince among men. everybody's name was pete, i like the color of that tree, and i forgot the party had a theme, and nooowwww ahhhh ammm... SHUT UP CHRIS! and when IIIII can't take the fall, i really wanna make that call
weezer gives me sheevers jimmy eat world FOREVER! phantom planet rocks me, and they rock me so hard.
i am
married to ben kweller in my lame fantasy world.
i don't know about you, but i'm a weepy emokid and i'm DAMN PROUD! # weezer rocks ?
pam is my hero, and she can be yours too.

the moose is loose in the hoose.