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so which of nat's summer camp counsellors are you?

apologies go to the actual counsellors that are the subjects of this quiz - i depicted you guys as best as i could. you're all very nice and very good-looking if i may say so.

And how are you this fine lovely day?
Not bad at all, yourself?
I'm very good, thank you.

Sure! (Ha! Ha! Just kidding.)

Favourite summer camp activity:
The game where I get to whack the little kids with pool noodles. Oh, my, that was fun...
The HUGE ASS WATER FIGHT! What else, man?
Just being at the's so pretty...AND you can have huge ass water fights. Oh yeah.
Sock warfare...heh heh...
Campfire! Stupid songs...people hugging...that's where it's at.

Claim to fame:
I duct-taped myself to the camp flagpole on the last day wearing a big sign that says "Heck no, I won't go!"
I highland dance...?
One word: BAGPIPES.
My friend and I performed a Shakespearean play in five minutes. Then we did it all backwards.
I can make up a rap about anything on the spot. Plus, I do a Steve Irwin accent like nobody's business.
I dunno. I've been told I can make people happy just by smiling. Does that count? Meh.

In three words or less, you are:
Funny. Spaz. Bootylicious?
A paradoxical sexpot.
A mystery.
A nice guy.
Patient, cheerful, nifty-neato-cool.
Outgoing, energetic, funny.

Pick a band:
Green Day
Jimmy Eat World, if only for Hear You Me.
I dunno. Something happy.
Stompin' Tom, Bob Dylan, the list could go on...

Your most memorable fashion statement:
A fleece hoodie and baggy pants. Word.
My Joe Boxer PJ pants and a floppy gray hat.
A suit jacket, bow-tie, and vest with cargo shorts, big bulky socks and Chucks. Black Chucks. And a pick necklace.
My hair. Either that or the nifty ruffly shirt and sombrero....or the leopard skin thing.
The same blue t-shirt and flowered swim trunks. Every day.
Well, there was that one time I wore a black cape when we played that game and I was Herpes...(just don't ask) Oh and rubber boots, too.

Do you play a musical instrument?
BASS! Oh, and piano...but that's just not as cool as BASS!
Acoustic guitar, plus I sing.
I am the Bagpipe God. (Those are not my words, just so you know.)
I freestyle on da mic, yo.
I love to sing!

So how's that tan going?
I am a golden god. A god I say.
[looks down at bronzed and rather built self] Uh...alright...I guess... [blushes]
[looks down at potbellied, white self] Well, what does it look like?
Oh, yeah. We all know how cool farmer's tans are. And the suburn! Easy now ladies, don't want to knock me over now...
Well, I do spend a lot of time outdoors.
Meh. I never really thought about it.

What would you be the most likely to write in somebody's autograph book?
"You have left footprints on my soul."
"You have left footprints on my soul." ["It's very original, I know..."]
"Good luck and keep smilin'!"
"You have left butt prints on my soul."
"O Captain, my Captain!"
"Hey, what's shakin'?"

What would you be doing if you weren't at camp?
Doing some more karate, probably. KEEEEYAH!
Sleeping, drinking Coke, wreaking havoc on local shopping malls...
Probably going to my 6th Stompin' Tom show.
Wearing Birkenstocks and playing Hacky Sack somewhere, probably.
Well, seeing as I live here, I'd probably be swimming in the lake every freakin day. I love life.
I'll still be in school, I guess. Go practice my guitar. Be a rock star...okay, not really.

Let's imagine that you're a counsellor at camp. It's 10 at night and a huge thunderstorm begins. Quick! What do you do?
Pull on your *emergency poncho*, dash outside, and make sure every single kid is in their cabin.
Try to get the kids to ignore it and go to sleep.
Tell the kids a story to take their minds off it.
Tell the kids a REALLY REALLY SCARY STORY (the scary parts will, of course, coincide perfectly with flashes of lightning.)
Crowd everybody around the window and lead them in a rousing chorus of 'ooh's and 'aah's.
Sing everybody to sleep.

Do any of the campers have crushes on you?
Yeah, they love me. [pause] Not really. I dunno. Do they?
Probably. I mean, it's pretty likely... [looks over] Hey, it's Vicky! Hi Vicky! [runs off]
Uh..well, a few do, I guess... [blushing and grinning sheepishly]
Well, if they did I swear they'd have to be some kind of basket case.
Well, not that I know of, but wouldn't it be adorable if they did?