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are you a geek, and do you rock? cos if so, this ring is for you!

welcome, fellow geek-rockers...

this is a webring for people who a.) are geeks who rock, b.) fans of geek-rock music, or c.) bands who play geek-rock. of course, if you think the term applies to you in some unlisted way, that's great too. you can still join. we don't discriminate too badly.
your site could be a personal site. it could be a band fansite for weezer, BNL, JEW, any sort of rock, punk, or emo band that know they're losers and are happy about it. whatever floats your boat, people.

the rules. yeah, we got rules. punkass!
the rules are:
+ you must have a website, obviously.
+ your the webring code HAS TO BE ON YOUR PAGE as soon as humanly possible. it can't be on a separate 'rings' page either. otherwise you'll never get aded. sorry kids, this is one rule i don't make - the ringsurf people decided on that. i just went and deleted a whole WHACK of people from the ring because nobody had the code up. so if you've found your site taken out of the ring, you know why.
+ your site has to look halfway decent. we're not too choosy here at G-R. so long as your site doesn't make my eyeballs bleed and i can read whatever text you have, you're pretty much in.
+ i check the sites in the ring regularly, and all broken links will be removed from the ring. meaning: if i'm going through the site, and i check on yours and you moved it without providing a link to your new site, i'll delete it. only REAL sites go in this ring, people.
+ you must be a geek-rock fan, or...(i don't think i have to state this all again)
+ and no mean people allowed. sorry.

think you could ever be as cool as us?...well, actually, you probably are.
if you site meets the above requirements, you're as good as in.JOIN now! really.

this has to be on your page.
the code should be emailed to you when you join the ring. just stick it (the code) on your site when you get it and you're a member. wear your geek-rock badge with pride.
the code should look like this:
geek-rocker !
Feel free to make any small changes (i.e. font, size, structuring) to it. just make sure the links stay.

the existing members
all the members can be found here.

if you have any problems, mail natalia here. jesus loves you!