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because you KNOW you want to be in us and the keeper of the rings. oh yes, you do.

first off. if you could pick your own name, what would it be?
something that pays tribute to all the great masters of cheesy kung fu movies.
a pixies song. because i am THAT cool.
jane, as in tarzan and jane. cos...i'm an animal. ROWR!!! heh heh heh...
i'd probably let my friends pick, i guess, but blink-182 have some preetty cool song names.

band of choice?
slick shoes
smashing pumpkins
something corporate

if you wanted to run around the neighbourhood in silly clothes scaring the locals, what would you wear?
a tuxedo t-shirt and a kilt, so i look like angus young.
a highway-worker orange cape and a blouse with wonderbread polka dots on it
a light blue billowy dress
a black silk housecoat and various other black items of clothing. i am SO a ninja.
my karate uniform. go green belt with white stripe go!

in three words or less, you are:
odd, detail-oriented, creative
fun, musical, SPAZ
deceptivelyniceandpolite but deepdownacompletemaniac (i SWEAR that's three words)
brilliant, the idea person, original
STRANGE, boy-crazy, and packed with...moxie. (i would also like to add: holy sweet goddamn i am more emo than ANY of you. hah.)

you are most likely to say:
"he obviously doesn't know he's doing it, because if he did he'd stop doing it or he'd be doing it more."
"there'd be mcmuffins made out of real muffins, and there'd be eggs and cheese and bacon inside, like the tim hortons ones with the jam. the mcnot-the-shit-kind-of-muffin.."
"sometimes, opportunity just comes up and slaps you in the face with a wet towel."
"...and then i walked up to the guy in the band and said 'um...why do you have a giant winged tit on your drumset?' and he said 'oh, you like it? it's our winged boob!'"
"yeah, the music i listen to supposedly sounds like a duck with a nail through its beak."

weapon of choice?
my slick ass ka-ra-te moves, biotch!
the bad man beating stick...gee i wish i had one of those...
a digital camcorder (stealthily stolen from my parents) and a cardboard guitar
anything and everything, but the nunchaku are my favourite.

preferred superpower?
talking to animals.
the mind reading of non asian people.
i'm strong, and i'm fearless, only cos i got ROCK AND ROLL!
i can sense fear.
i wanna fly! WHEE!

career choice?
record label exec.
snobby rock critic.
special-ed teacher.
some sort of lawyer, where i can debate intelligently all day long.
hell, i don't even know what i'm doing next month...

what are you doing right now?
probably at a punk show, shoving my tongue down my boyfriend's throat as usual. [note to josie: please don't hurt me]
working at the KKK (better known to the world of hinduism as the krispy kreme koffee...and donuts)
listening to my dad and dickhead brother shred their guitars in the basement
making silly websites and drooling over ben kweller
nobody knows for sure... 0 :)

and...we're done!
and the dragon comes in the.....NNNNNniiiiiiiGGGGGGGhhhhhhhtTTTTTTTT!!!
meedley meedley meedley meedley MEEEEEE!