which member of the WHO are you?

your personality is mostly:
quiet shy and subdued but kind at heart.
creative cynical and confident about yourself and friends.
aggressive and tough with a no bullshit tolerancy.
funny and zany with an extremely addictive personality.

when you're angry at someone you usually:
try and cope with it, but when it goes too far, you explode.
curse wildy and if need be resort to violence.
just beat the shit out of them, the wanker.
i'd beat them up! all five foot nine of me!

when you have some spare time you spend it:
with your family and close friends.
writing, playing with a synthesizer, or with my family.
with groupies, of course.
trashing my surroundings and drinking, but always having fun!

when it comes to contributing to songs you:
wrote a few good hits, and that's good enough for me.
i don't need any bloody contributions, i can write them myself, ALONE.
once i co-wrote a catchy one, yeah!
i like to write, but no one seems to be real keen on it.

out of your vast wardrobe of wacky clothes you are most remembered to be seen wearing:
a black and white skeleton suit.
a white boiler suit.
a suede tan jacket with fringe and ultra tight jeans.
what DON'T i wear?

you grew up:
with one parent, but raised well.
with both parents but my dad wasn't around all the time.
with both parents, in a lower class neighborhood.
with both my conservative parents AH HA HA HA!

fans most like what about you:
my great rythmatic ability.
my super human nose, my windmilling isn't bad either.
my maniacal microphone tendencies.
my ability to drum at the speed of light, and trash hotels too.

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