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2/2/2002...The moose is indeed loose in da hoose.
Well, I guess congratulations are in order. I am now the new Bigshot Web Designer/Karl Koch Wannabe for Defunct, a trio of nice young gentlemen who go to my school. Go, me. There's not much there yet...I'm working on it. Hopefully I'll do Matt, Bondy and Max some degree of justice.

1/12/2002...Hey all. I've been motivated by a recent spate of nice things people have said in the guestbook, and now I'm working on the new and blue G-R. This is what happens when you send constructive criticism, kids. I'm also gonna make the sidebar into a frame, as whenever I change it around I have to go around to all the pages and make adjustments, and it annoys the hell outta me. Maybe make the links come up in new windows, so you don't have to deal with these retarded frames. I also want to start fleshing out the band pages a tad more, but I'm gonna need some help (particularly with the Weezer bios, so if you're a die-hard Weezerite who knows everything about the band, pretty please tell me what I should put in them to do the band justice). Send me some mail if you feel like lending me a hand, guys. Thanks a bunch!

12/30/2001...Guess the frick what everybody?! I FINALLY GOT OVER 500 HITS! Whoohoo! [does spastic happy dance] Guess the frick what else? I got a guitar for Christmas! (an acoustic named Jeremy) Happy holidays to all, everybody...oh, and guess what else?! I fixed lots and lots of links...and the front page is blue now! Aren't you thrilled? And if I'm feeling especially generous...the entire site might be blue, real real soon! Hooray!

10/20/2001... Very little is new in G-R Land, but I have just downloaded BNL's 'Thanks, That Was Fun' onto my beloved Lloyd (yes, I named my computer, don't look at me all funny like that) and figured that since this is the first time I am EVER hearing this particular song, that I would type something up to commemorate this joyous occasion...I haven't listened to it yet, I'm waiting until 'Bury Me' is done, and this sentence has been going on for long enough so I shall stop now. I think I'll go put up some links. Yeah...

10/14/2001...Aww yeah. I figured since the search for a decent Andy pic wasn't progressing any, I'd put up the BNL member mini-biographies instead. Remember, kids, Andy looks nothing at all like Tyler.

10/03/2001...I got me a counter! Hooray! Oh, yeah, I'm still working on the BNL member bios. No, that is not an empty promise.

09/25/2001...If you didn't catch the Music Without Borders special on Sunday, BNL perfomed 'Call and Answer' and - AND! - 'Lovers In A Dangerous Time'. I took some can find 'em here.

09/22/2001...Oh man, oh man, oh man. Does it ever feel good to be back. Tripod inadvertently shut the site down, so you get an understanding of where I've been for the past month.
So, in the past little while, school started and I got me a FREE copy of Pinkerton. (Thank you, HMV.) Concert photos were developed. (Yes, the moron with the red hair is me. But can you blame me for smiling so hard? I practically hero-worship this guy.) Tragically...buildings fell. (I think that everything to say on the subject has already been said.) And there's a huge over-doing of the site coming up. Keep checking back. (oh, and just to be on the safe side, the mp3 portion of the site will no longer be running.)

08/28/2001...Here's the news...Weezer apparently found a replacement bassist (NOT Rob S.), and I had an AWESOME time at the BNL concert the other night. BACKSTAGE PASSES! (Tourette's-ish outburst is now over) Tune in soon for the concert review, complete with photos of me & some BareNAKED Ladies (or in this case, Towelled Ladies).
There's new links and an mp3 up, too. Joy!

08/18/2001...Okay, so I finally did something other than the and of the week...the links page is now up, but I'm still working on it. Oh, yeah...I got the Ataris BOTW up too.
five minutes later...I just found out that Mikey Welch, bassist for Weezer, has left the band for an undetermined period of time. (Crud.) The band has just completed their second (Spike Jonze-directed) video for Island In The Sun.
(Rumor has it that Robert Sledge is going to LA to meet with the Weez to see if he'd make a good replacement bassist. That would be too cool.)

08/10/2001...Yeah, I know all the Chatterers have been waiting for it...the new Band if the Week - Guster...

08/05/2001...See that little link on the left that says 'ben folds five'? Click it. Now click on the names of the band members. What do you think's there? Yep! Individual member bios, or poor excuses for them. And BNL are getting theirs next
36 days till Rockin The Suburbs...

08/01/2001...I switched the Band Of The Week to Phantom Planet.

07/27/2001...The Weezer main page is finished, so go check that out.

07/23/2001...I don't have the links page up yet. But...Defunct will definetely be on it once it is.

07/22/2001...Submitted for your approval...New Found Glory, the first ever Geek-rock Band Of The Week. (okay, that was cheesy. so?)

07/17/2001...The Ben Folds Five main page is finally up. Check that out.

07/15/2001...I finally finished the Barenaked Ladies main page. Maybe I'll get around to doing more...right after I finsih the BF5 and Weezer pages. Oh, joy. I'll be working on I said, keep checking back, and send me some email if you REALLY want me to hurry up.

07/11/2001...This site is up after a good...oh, five hours of work. Okay, not all of it. Actually, none of it is up except for this page and the webring page. Join the ring now and I'll get the rest up very very soon. Hey, I think I'm doing pretty well for just one day. Keep checkin back.