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Barenaked Ladies / Ben Folds Five / Weezer / Blink-182 / MxPx / Guster / New Found Glory / Brothers Creeggan / Thinbuckle / Defunct

Fan Sites - probably the biggest collection of BNL mp3s on the Internet!
Nakedhead - the only BNL fanzine approved by the band. The site also includes recent set lists, live clips, and other assorted odds and ends.
Superdeformed BNL - it's worth a visit just to check out the awesome anime fan art. (Kev and his accordian! Aaaaawwwww!) There's also Guster and BNL Sims Skins for those of you rabid music fans/gamers.
We Cream For Kevin - do you?
Stayin' Alive - one of the nicest, most professional Kev sites on the Net, despite the cheesy title. Although, seeing Kevin sings this song is pretty inspiring, in a strange sorta way.
The Mothball - a great Kev site. It's got everything.
Search For The Grammy - the crew of the Starship Gordon roams the universe on a quest....*dun dun dunnn* Board - Home to up-to-the-minute news and a kickass bunch of people.

The Strangest Things - lots of entertaining random bits and a huge BF5 link collection.
Headed North On The Arabian Sea - Lots of original photos (including this awesome one of Robert sprawled on Ben's piano)

Geek Goodness - one of my favourite Weezer sites, simply because it's original and funny as all hell. - I spend hours at a stretch here. The Blink/MxPx fics are probably some of the best. HAIL LEFTY!

(cause i'm too lazy to do them all now)