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Band of the Week...

...The Ataris!

the classic pink-background photo of the ataris. it's featured prominently on the front page of their site. i think the pink looks bad with the blue-green layout, but that's just me.

kris roe...lead vocals & guitar
mike davenport...bass & vocals
chris knapp...drums
marco pena...[former] guitar & vocals

When it all boils down to it, the Ataris are led by one man: Kris Roe, who went to a Vandals show as a teen and gave the band his demo tape. He later got a response from one of the band members, who just so happened to head a record label (Kung Fu). Kris put a band together, and they began recording. Five albums later, the Ataris have toured with such bands as MxPx, Blink-182, and NOFX, and are...still touring. Their guitarist, Marco Pena, recently left the band, and he was replaced by their guitar tech, John (last name unknown to every source on the 'Net.)
There's not too much I can say on the subject of these guys. Um. They're a really, really great punk band who are definitely in league with those they tour with. Listen to 'Between You And Me' or 'Teenage Riot' and see what I mean.
Tune in for the next Band Of The Week...THE PUSH STARS!

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