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Barenaked Ladies bios...

el conquistador, aka the god of little sprinkles
name: steven jay page
born: june 22, 1970
plays: co-lead vocal, guitars, the occasional flute and recorder
songs written: writes about half of the songs (solo, with ed, and a few with stephen duffy)
fanfiction persona: the dramatic fearless leader, sharp as a tack and one helluva dancer, most likely to kick some arse (with his killer jump-kicks)
notable quote: 'I have to set an example for the young people. And that is, be a fat guy with bad hair.'

ed. magical. musical. hottt.
name: lloyd edward elwyn robertson
born: october 25, 1970
plays: guitar, co-lead vocals, banjo (no, really)
songs written: co-lead songwriter with steve
fanfiction persona: often laid-back and cheerful, sometimes calm/loud/perverted/sly/everything the author wants him to be, the band's emotional swiss army knife
notable quote: 'I like sporks. They're like spoons, but you can poke people with them.' [dedicated to val andreatta, queen of the sporks -ed.]

check it out now, tha funk soul brother
name: tyler joseph stewart
born: september 21, 1967
plays: drums, backing vocals
songs written: 'grade 9'
fanfiction persona: loud, hyper, temperamental, most likely to scream 'MOTHAF***A!' at opportune moments
notable quote: 'My New Year's resolution is to stop losing things. This year I've lost 3 cell phones, 2 wedding rings, a suitcase full of clothes and the keys to my new house.'

all your bass are belong to jimmay
name: james raymond creeggan
born: february 12, 1970
plays: double bass, bass guitar, backing vocals, every string instrument known to man (yes, the redhead also shreds the cello. and we're jello, baby.)
songs written: 'i love you', 'inline bowline', 'spider in my room', 'in the drink', 'get in line'
fanfiction persona: calm, intelligent, spiritual, very physically fit, most likely to keep a cool head in a tight spot/bend into crazy yoga positions, second most likely to kick some arse
notable quote: 'Steven Page is the biggest wally on earth, but he can dance like no other, and he does it 100 percent. There's something really joyous about that.'
creegganized notable quote: 'Hey guys, I think we are officially rock stars now, this girl made a sign, and I believe it says The Brothers Creeggan rule, exclamation point!'

full force accordion
name: kevin neal hearn
born: july 3, 1969
plays: piano, keyboards, guitars, vocals, samplers, the famed banana yellow accordion
songs written: 'hidden sun', 'born human'
fanfiction persona: the cute one - sweet, innocent, naive, most likely to get attacked/kidnapped/stalked (although his sly side can often surface...)
notable quote: 'We often welcome people into the bus with a round of nudity. First we're nude and, if they decide to stay, they're often nude too.'

'alternative is for people like andy, who has funny hair because he doesn't know any better!'
name: andrew burnett creeggan
born: july 4, 1971 (a day after kev....weird)
left the band: sometime in 1995
played: piano, congas, dulcimer, marimba, other strange percussion-type things
fanfiction persona: there's only one andy fic out there...laid-back and absent-minded, has too many 'important' things on his mind to worry about his hair, equal parts jim, kevin and ed
songs written: 'i love you', 'little tiny song'
notable quote: well, i don't have anything to put here. i've been told he does speak. maybe if his voice didn't sound so damned much like his brother's....

no wonder all the ladies love him. look at that smile. PING!

and here we have eddie robertson. it is public knowledge that ed here is it on a stick and that he does indeed rock long, hard and strong. wiggety wiggety whack!

tyler on stairs. he's contemplating...something.

click here and you will see jim's photo in all its wonderful creeggalicious glory. jim's messy red hair highlighted by the stage lights, singing, fingers poised elegantly over the bass...*sigh* glahiven!

he's got an evil empi-i-i-re, he's NOT! THAT! INNOCENT! yeah, i bet, kev. rowwwr. (photo by chief nakedhead jeska dzwigalski.)

this....WILL be a photo of andy.