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Ben Folds Five bios...

a piano's worst nightmare
name: benjamin scott folds
born: september 12, 1966
plays: piano, organ, vocals (also plays guitar, bass, drums)(yeah, what doesn't he do?)
songs written: about 98% of all bf5 songs were written by the folds
is currently: touring for his shiny new solo album
notable quote: 'The piano is a wussy instrument. That doesn't mean you're a wuss to play it.'

haircut-phobic bass dude
name: robert ewell sledge
born: march 9, 1968
plays: bass, vocals (also plays guitar, drums, piano)
songs written: 'prince charming ,' 'birds' (among others)
is currently: putting together a new band; touring with tom maxwell & the minor drag
notable quote: (on their fans in Japan) 'It's just like, they're really trying to be the hip population, and it tends to get a little gross and misguided. Everybody feels they have to be on the same bandwagon, so they all wear Adidas shoes and thriftstore-looking clothes. Usually pretty fashionable stuff, but it's kind of weird. It just seems like they kind of lose themselves. And then of course, they do the One Big Clap. Have you ever heard of the One Big Clap? They all clap at once, the entire crowd, whooooBAM!'

the greatest lover in the world (not that i'd know)
name: darren michael jessee
born: april 8, 1971
plays: drums, vocals (also plays guitar)
songs written: 'song for the dumped', 'magic', 'brick', 'emilia bright' (among others)
is currently: forming a band; playing solo shows in and around NYC
notable quote: 'The upside of being in a trio is there's only three of you, so we show up to a club and everyone assumes there's five of us, so there's plenty more food and beer for us. The downside would be, uh, I don't know what the downside would be. The downside would be a clever answer that I can't think of right now.'

ben looks pretty down. poor ben.

robert sledge. i don't care what the justin-loving teenies all say, robert here is the hottest guy alive!

darren looks happy. maybe too happy. or maybe everyone is in a state of euphoria when they're on mtv.